If you don’t know who LJ The Medium is, you are about to find out! She may be petite, but her personality and heart are larger than life! 

Less than one month after her wedding LJ fractured her spine, which spiraled her into years of surgeries, caused severe health problems and turned her newlywed life upside down. 


LJ had three major spine surgeries between 2013-2016 and spent much of that time bed-bound and wheelchair-bound. Intense rehabilitation helped her spine to heal, but drastic weight loss and muscle atrophy caused compression to her major organs. She would have to deal with the consequences of that over the next two years. 

In 2017 she was hospitalized with severe stomach pain. The diagnosis was SMA Syndrome; a rare condition where her small intestine was compressed between her aorta and superior mesenteric arteries. She underwent surgery to correct this and had to make strict dietary changes in order to avoid further complications. 


In 2018 she was diagnosed with another rare condition called Nutcracker Syndrome. This is when the renal vein is compressed between 2 major arteries, severely affecting the left kidney requiring more surgery. The initial surgery to correct this failed. The only option now was to have her kidney removed. She requested to donate it, something that had never been done before. She was the first patient at New York Presbyterian Hospital to not only cure her own condition but save someone else's life in the process. LJ is now happy, healthy and Nutcracker free! 


On April 5, 2018 LJ donated her kidney and effectively changed the course of treatment for the disease. Her recipient was a 26 year old woman who was on the transplant waiting list for 7 years. She is now able to travel and experience life to the fullest. LJ is a Long Island psychic/medium, author of the book ‘The Spirit of Hope’, ordained minister and living kidney donor. In fact, she is a pioneer for kidney donations due to a rare condition called Nutcracker syndrome. You can read a quick synopsis of her story below. 


LJ’s latest venture is The LJ Show, a new talk show with a mediumship twist. Your host, LJ the Medium, will be interviewing guests with inspirational stories. The show will be airing on the national Z Living Network Saturdays at 8:30am ET starting on November 28, 2020. .


Hope and inspiration are the main themes of the show. Her own life has been full of unexpected twists and turns and she is constantly amazed at how far she’s come. She will be sharing her story as well as interviewing guests with their own compelling stories.




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LJ The Medium is certified and tested by Best American Psychics and an approved member of the Certified Psychic Society. She has been nominated Best Psychic of Long Island for 2021 and is the host of the new TV show, The LJ Show, airing on the Z Living network. LJ is also an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Reiki Practitioner and Author of ‘The Spirit of Hope’.